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Galapagos Travelers & Adventures is dedicated to the Scuba Diving Sports and Commercial Dive. Our Manager Mr. Luis Alberto Jara Mosquera, Dive Instructor, Professional Mechanic and Commercial Diver, has dedicated many years to the instruction of Diving Courses and the maintenance of Boat Hulls providing service of:

• Hell cleaning.
• Grilles of intakes seawater Cleaning
• Propellers cleaning .
• Axes.
• Rudders.
• Change of electrolytic cinemas.
• Propeller extractions, shaft.
• Refloats, etc.

The Caviblaster cleaning system is effective on all types of surfaces including steel, concrete, wood, plastic, fiberglass and rubber. Surfaces can be cleaned using low pressure without damaging chemical paints, varnishes or protective layers that can release heavy metals and other contaminants in the water. The process leaves the surface without roughness and thus retards the growth of marine organisms reducing the frequency of cleaning.

sistema Caviblaster

All types of marine organisms (from algae to hard shells) well attached can be removed in one pass, saving time and money for the Operator.

Very safe to use and without secondary risks since even at these pressures it does not represent any danger for the Diver if he accidentally makes contact with it pressure jet.

buzo comercial galapagos

The artisanal methods made with spatula-type shovels by scraping are not as effective, since they leave abundant shell residues, which allows them to reproduce and grow faster, causing the cleaning to be repeated in short times, also if the blow of the spatula is very strong removes the paint and leaving the ship unprotected.

There will be certified commercial divers to perform these operations which will be in charge of cleaning, in the same way there will be evidence of the work done, through real-time images (before and after cleaning) taken by an underwater camera.



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